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Pastor Patrick Winfrey

Pastor Patrick Winfrey has been a missionary in the Philippines since 2007, and has been a Pastor since 2001. Patrick has a popular YouTube ministry and is also an author. The ministry has four orphanages and feeds 1000 street kids per week.

Pastor and Elder

Sidney Anthony

I was brought up Southern Baptist and saved when I was 14. I fell away from that life and became addicted to alcohol, a heavy smoker and divorced twice. In 2006 Jesus called me back and over the next several years delivered me from alcoholism, smoking and depression. I know it sounds easy on paper, but if you’re struggling with addiction or going through a divorce I believe Christ has given me a unique perspective on these struggles. 

Elder / Degree in Theology / Contact for advice and prayers for drinking/drug addiction

Terry Vahoumis

I received the gift of healing in early 2015. So far close to 150 people have received healing from injury and sickness.  I have had experience in deliverance and help people receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Elder / Has a gifting for healing prayer and deliverance

Linda Kirby...

I was saved at age 16 in my home town Baptist church which was started by my family.  I'm a one-time online missionary, but when the Lord commissioned me to do the news His way, I had to give up everything else to do that job.  I also was told to do a bible study on Youtube called BEDTIME BIBLE CHAT, where we study the Old Testament lessons.  We concentrate on the lessons in the Old Testament rather than the history or the doctrine or the theology.  He wanted people to see the Old Testament is still applicable for today.  I've been speaker at various conferences and have been a bible teacher at a local church.  I now give all my time to the Lord's work He commissioned me to do....the WHAT'S GOING ON NEWS and BEDTIME BIBLE CHAT and now an elder in THE CHURCH OF THE FIRST BORN.  I'm 67 years old and widowed for 15 yrs.

Mentor / Prayer Warrior / Helps People Dealing with Loss

Karen Tokarse

I was radically saved in 2007 when JESUS literally saved me from drowning. When I thought I was taking my last breath (of water), I KNEW I was going to hell. I then thought of Jesus and I said, "Jesus, I'm so sorry I didn't live my life for You." Then I was INSTANTLY at the top of the water -- I was saved by JESUS! Since that time, my life has been filled with the supernatural -- because we serve a supernatural GOD! Yes, I am RADICAL for JESUS because He did something RADICAL for me. Hallelujah! I am married to a wonderful man who also loves JESUS and follows the lead of the Holy Spirit. What a privilege it is to be so used in these last days.

Mentor / Prayer Warrior / Advice on Marriage, Relationships / Deliverance

Alison Midgley

I live in Scotland with my husband, happily married since 1999. When I am not working I am an artist, craftswoman, costumier and member of a folk band, singing and playing guitar.


I love Jesus - He has bought me through adversities and trials, facing death and back again. I have learnt obedience by disobedience and have traversed mountain ranges with the Lord, collecting life experiences, some of which I didn’t want. I am an online missionary for Global Media Outreach, but my primary goals are to please the Lord and help others.

Mentor / Friend to those Facing Adversities

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